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Kamado Cabinets

Open shelving base cabinet. Thick marine grade aluminum construction. Includes self-levelling toe kick and choice of powder coating.

For best results, a piece of countertop should be planned underneath the base, and Kamado “feet” should be used.

27” Closed Kamado Cabinet (A-BE27-C)
27” Open Kamado Cabinet (A-BE27-O)
33” Open Kamado Cabinet (A-BE33)

Visit our Resources for our library of AutoCAD and SketchUp files.

NACRAĒ™ Finish

Inspired by the beauty, strength and resilience of mother-of-pearl, each finish is crafted with a micro-textured formulation that preserves and protects beauty in all climates, creating a stable depth of colour in any outdoor environment.

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Marine Grade Aluminum

Non-combustible, thick gauge marine grade aluminum construction for all Urban Bonfire cabinets, planters, accessories and backsplash systems.

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304 Stainless Steel Hardware

Outdoor grade 304 stainless steel for our door slides, hinges, pulls and leveling legs.

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