Our Story

Urban Bonfire is dedicated to designing and manufacturing timeless quality products for outdoor space activation. 

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Humble Beginnings

Founded with the idea of being “the Williams-Sonoma of the outdoors,” Urban Bonfire started humbly as a full-service outdoor kitchen appliance store in a 400 square foot retail space. Founders Ryan and Stefan used community and experiential events to build the brand and create an atmosphere that was both country sweet and city smart. Warm wood tones contrasting with stark white walls dominated the retail space. A curated assortment of only the best of the best appliances and accessories was showcased.

Using creative designs and expertise in appliances and outdoor cooking techniques, Urban Bonfire quickly became known as the experts in outdoor kitchen design in North America. Its designers were sought after by the likes of Charbroil, for whom Urban Bonfire’s design team envisioned the entire outdoor cooking pavilion in their new offices in Georgia.

Before long, 400 square feet turned into 4,000 and then 10,000 and the rest is history. 

The Evolution

Your Kitchen Outdoors

Being at the forefront of the evolution of the outdoor kitchen is deep inside Urban Bonfire's DNA. Like many other rooms in the house, the outdoor kitchen space is in constant evolution.

Our in-house team of Kitchen and Industrial Designers work closely with Interior and Architectural designers to see where the most value can be added to their designs. With these conceptual ideas in hand, our team of experienced engineers, machine operators and artisans are constantly testing, improving or prototyping new processes, products and services.

Meet our Founders

Ryan Bloom

Co-Founder and CEO

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Ryan Bloom has been a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur since building his first business, a lemonade stand at the age of six. He has leveraged his love for people, food, design and relationships into unique businesses and brands ever since. In addition to his business passions, Ryan is a highly sought after public speaker, podcaster and mentor to young entrepreneurs. He resides in Montreal with his wife, Sara and two children, Liam and Kobe.

Stefan Marchant

Co-Founder and COO

Stefan Marchant on Linked In

After beginning his career in Canada’s aerospace industry, Stefan Marchant used his mechanical engineering degree to follow his passion and opened a custom furniture company in Montreal’s Mile End arts district. Marchant has a deep connection to nature, and a passion for connecting that to well designed products that bring enjoyment of the outdoors to everyday living. Stefan still has a love for airplanes, flying, motorcycles and slowing down with friends and family at his cabin in the Adirondack Mountains.

Made in Montreal

With our offices and manufacturing facilities based in the heart of design-centric Montreal,urban outdoor space activation is not only something we are passionate about creating, it’s something we live every day.

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