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Trough Planter

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Designed for lower gardening plots, or as a convenient sitting space, a trough planter adds form and function to an outdoor environment. Freestanding, fully welded and made of thick marine grade aluminum. Includes choice of powder coating.

Each Trough Planter comes equipped with pre-machined drainage holes and 1 1/2" geotextile covered insulation.

36x24x7” Trough Planter (A-PLANTER-TROUGH-36x24x7) 
48x18x10” Trough Planter (A-PLANTER-TROUGH-48x18x10) 
48x24x9” Trough Planter (A-PLANTER-TROUGH-48x24x9) 
48x24x20” Trough Planter (A-PLANTER-TROUGH-48x24x20) 
24x24” IPE Wood Bench Planter (A-PLANTER-WOODBENCH-24x24)

Contact for a custom size.

Trough Planter
Trough Planter