We are thrilled to announce the release of the podcast episode "Your Canvas for Outdoor Memories" from the Convo by Design Panel Discussion at the WestEdge Design Fair last October!

Listen to Urban Bonfire's co-founder Ryan Bloom discuss the past, present and future of outdoor living and entertaining with Patty Dominguez, VP of Architecture and Design Sales at Cosentino North America, Annette Reeves, lifestyle advisor for PIRCH, and designer, César Giraldo.

Find the episode on Apple Podcasts here.

Your Canvas for Outdoor Memories, live from WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica

Annette Reeves from PIRCH explained how Urban Bonfire's modular kitchen design allows designers to make a smart use of space — even with a limited footprint.

"You can take a very small space and pack a huge amount in with an Urban Bonfire set-up. [...] Given the parameters [of a space], I will typically get back one or two designs that work within that space, and then we fine-tune. By the end, almost every time, we are able to get in every single functional piece of appliance that we need using Urban Bonfire's product. Then you add color [...], maybe some cool handles that make it seem unique and different. It's truly fathomable to get an amazing outdoor kitchen in a small space."

Listen to the full conversation here!

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