At Home with Micol and Charles

Montréal, Quebec

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

Montréal is a design-centric city where urban outdoor space activation is lived and breathed every day. Urban Bonfire's offices and manufacturing facilities are based in Montréal and this month, we are excited to invite you into an outdoor space in our very own city.

Homeowners Micol and Charles live in a Montréal neighborhood known for its unique character, with historical brick houses and tree-lined avenues. Outdoor space is limited in urban areas, so they wanted to maximize the use of their backyard. A comfortable lounge area for relaxing with a functional kitchen for serving and preparing food were the must-haves for this project.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

Winters are long and cold, but Montrealers are known for celebrating summer and making the most of beautiful weather. Micol and Charles love to host family and friends at home, so two grills were essential to accommodate larger gatherings. The space features a 36” Aspire by Hestan grill along with an Evo cooktop for maximum cooking surface. Both appliances integrate seamlessly into the Urban Bonfire cabinetry thanks to custom trim kits, which meant the couple didn’t have to compromise on appliance choice when designing their kitchen.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

The wooden fence surrounding the backyard offered a great structure for the slatwall backsplash. Made from non-combustible marine grade aluminum, the slats can be configured to various heights and offer protection against heat coming from the grills. Fresh herbs are within easy reach with the clip-in planters, beautifully complementing the backyard’s abundant greenery.

The pull-out refuse cabinet with a single drawer between the two grills keeps the countertop free of clutter, creating storage for linens, cooking tools, and a simple clean-up system. To the far right, the utility cabinet allows for storage of couch cushions and blankets for cooler summer evenings.

Micol and Charles chose Dekton by Cosentino’s light and bright Sirocco finish for the countertop. It pairs beautifully with the slate undertones in the cabinetry’s Anthracite finish and large concrete pavers throughout the backyard. 

“The amazing designers at Urban Bonfire got it right the first time. The design fit the space perfectly and was exactly what we needed. There is no one else that does this to the same standard of quality, aesthetics and service.”

– Micol and Charles

Featured in this project

Urban Bonfire Clay finish

Anthracite finish

Urban Bonfire Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless steel handles


Aspire by Hestan grill


Evo cooktop


Dekton® by Cosentino countertop in Sirocco

Photography by Mélanie Bellemare

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