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Partition Planter

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Designed for placement behind a kitchen to create a freestanding “living” backsplash structure, Partition Planters are also ideal for delineating a space and creating more intimate environments. 

Our Partition Planters offer the option of having an indented u-channel base to give subtle elevation.

Option for direct ground placement is also available and creates a seamless backdrop to your Urban Bonfire kitchen.

36x10x42” Partition Planter (A-PLANTER-PARTITION-36x10x42)
36x10x42” Partition Planter No U-Channel (A-PLANTER-PARTITION-36x10x42-NC)
42x12x42” Partition Planter (A-PLANTER-PARTITION-42x12x42)
42x12x42” Partition Planter No U-Channel (A-PLANTER-PARTITION-42x12x42-NC)

Contact for a custom size.

Partition Planter
Partition Planter